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      1. Introduction
      2. Object
      3. Registry and Contact with the User
      4. Products and Prices
      5. Site Navigation, Orders, Orders registry and Payment
      6. Freight calculation and Order delivery
      7. Personal data
      8. Order return, Cancellation, and Product return
      9. Site general information and Copyrights
      10. Arbitration
      11. Final notes


        1. .Introduction

        The online store hosted in www.TugaSox.pt (therefore designated by site) is an online store developed and explored by TugaSox Sportswear Lda, which Fiscal address is at Rua da Igreja Nº 9, 2565-603 Outeiro da Cabeça, Torres Vedras, Portugal, Fiscal Number: 513305270, therefore designated as TugaSox®. Anyone who wishes to buy online in this site, by registering, declares that is full age and is legally able to do it. For all purchases made in the site is considered that the user read and agreed with the present document, which will be always available in www.TugaSox.pt to be consulted freely at any time even if the user is not registered in the site.

        All changes to the present document will be communicated to all registered users through the email address used during the registration process and will also be available online;


        2. Object

          The present document establishes all rights and obligations for each party involved in the selling and buying of any product available in the site, this means TugaSox® and the buyer, therefore designated as User.


          3. Registry and contact with the User

          The site allows anyone to freely navigate and to start the buying process, including adding items to the cart. Although, for security reasons to finalize the order the user must be registered or register at the moment of the purchase and proceed with login. During the registration process, the User is asked to supply some personal information.

          All contacts made with the User will be made through the email address used during the registration process. Except when the User selects a new address, all orders will be sent to the address used during the registration process.  Therefore, the User is the sole responsibility to keep all information up to date, as well as for the accuracy and validity of all information used. TugaSox® declines any responsibility for using false or mistaken information supplied by the User. After registering, the access data will be sent to the email address used during the registration process. If the User does not receive that email, we suggest verifying the SPAM email box before contacting us.


          4. Products and Prices

            4.1. Products

            The products the User can buy are the ones he can visualize when navigating through the site.

            The site operates automatically concerning stock availability. When the user adds an item to the shopping cart, it will be added if available. If the item is not available or it needs to be confirmed, User will be clearly informed. If the User chooses to add to the shopping cart an item that needs stock confirmation, the order processing switches to manual instead of automatic being finalized later by TugaSox® services. In the case where an item is not available, User will be lately informed of such a situation. In this last case, if an order was already made, TugaSox® will inform the User of the unavailability, the latest until the shipping date. If the order was already paid, TugaSox® will reimburse the User with the amount paid related to unavailable products in the terms indicated in 8.3.3.

            The fact that a product is available for visualization does not imply that it is available for sale. Therefore, TugaSox® does not assume any obligation of selling it or make it available. TugaSox® will also not be responsible for any damage or loss resulting from the use of the products after being delivered.

            Prices and specifications of each product may be changed without prior notice.

            4.2. Price

            Except where clearly expressed, all prices are in Euros and are valid to a strict territory that may correspond to the area or country the User indicates during the registration or based on the IPS address used to access the site. This price includes VAT applicable in the Portuguese territory in the day of purchase. TugaSox® reserves for itself the right to change the price of any product without prior notice and will not assume any differences the User may claim in the result of this change. Except when any fault caused by an error when introducing prices in the site is detected, the price of each product is the one indicated in the moment of the order registration.  If an error is detected TugaSox® has the responsibility to inform the User of such an error and the User has the right to cancel or change the order or even to proceed with the order considering the new and correct prices transmitted by TugaSox® and does not have the right to purchase the product at the price wrongly inserted.

            Price of each product does not include packaging and freight costs. Those costs will be calculated during the ordering process as explained in detail in 6.1. The User is the sole responsibility for paying off any taxes, expenses or any other amount claimed by the Authorities from the country or area where the User is asking for delivery. In any case, these values are included in the amount to be paid to TugaSox®.


            5. Site navigation, orders, orders registry and payment

              5.1. Site navigation

              Any User can freely navigate through the site even if is not registered in. By doing it does not incur in any obligation to make any order. Only registered Users can place orders as referred in 3. To this Users site navigation is also free and with no commitment to place any order.

              5.2. Order registry

              To proceed with order registry User must have at least one product in the shopping cart and after entering in it must select the option “Proceed with the order”. Before selecting to proceed with the order, User can add or remove articles from the shopping cart. In the next step, User must select the delivery and payment methods, it will be able to select any discount if available (Fidelity points, promotion vouchers, exchange vouchers, promotional codes…). In this phase, the freight value is calculated accordingly with and will be added to the total order amount.

              5.3. Order payment

              When buying in Portugal the User can choose to pay by Multibank, MB Way, PayPal, Credit Card or Charge on Delivery. If the User chooses Charge on Delivery an additional fee of 4,00€ will be added to the total order amount of each order. This fee will be automatically added to the amount to be paid when this option is selected. Users from outside Portugal can only pay by PayPal / Credit Card.

              For orders made using payment by Multibank, PayPal or Credit Card, the User will be immediately informed by email how to proceed with payment. For orders made using payment by Multibank, the payment references will also be shown immediately after the order registry.


              5.4. Finishing the order

              When the User selects the option “Finish Order” the order will be registered and confirmed in our system in a definitive way. Before doing this User will be able to change the order, the delivery, and payment methods if available but, after selecting “Finish Order” no more changes are allowed, and the order becomes definitive. The user will receive immediately an email confirming the order registry and showing the order details such as products ordered and their prices, freight value and discounts used. The order will be archived by TugaSox® in both digital and physical ways with the purpose of registering and processing all orders. This order is also proof of the buy and sells contract established between TugaSox® and the User.

              5.5. Order confirmation

              All orders not containing unavailable items, or items with the need for stock confirmation, will be automatically confirmed when the User finalizes the order. Orders that contain items with the status referred before and “Charge on Delivery” orders will be confirmed by TugaSox® (after review from our services) with a second email. This email will also inform the User of any change made to the order in a result of the unavailability of any product and will also inform the User how to proceed with the order payment.

              5.6. Order cancellation or change

              Any order can be canceled without any cost within the first 24 hours after following order registry as described in 5.2. To cancel any order or request any change, the User must send an email informing his intention to geral@tugasox.pt or to other email address that TugaSox® may indicate.

              Any order change will be made only if requested to the designated email address, and only if consists on changing sizes or colors of the same products.

              Any other change excluding the ones indicated above will result in order cancelation and, therefore, User must place a new order to replace this one.

              5.7. About PayPal

              PayPal is the system used by TugaSox® to receive payments made either through PayPal accounts or Credit Cards (VISA, MasterCard and American Express).

              5.8. Payments using credit cards through Paypal

              To proceed with your payment using a Credit Card (the process made through PayPal) the User does not need to have a PayPal account and the PayPal system will work only as an interface to assure the payment, achieving one of the highest security levels in online payment. You can check more details about PayPal platform here:



              6. Freight calculation and order delivery

                6.1. Freight

                Freight will always be paid by the User and is calculated automatically and according to the number of products, weight, volume, order destination and delivery service selected.

                The freight value can be changed without prior notice following any change introduced in the transport services used by TugaSox®, price table revisions or in case of error detected during the calculation process. For almost all destinations two delivery services will be available: Standard and Express.

                In the same way, in case of any change made to the order either made by TugaSox® or asked by the User, this value will be recalculated and changed if the new value is different from the original.

                To all orders made with delivery in Portugal (excluding Madeira and Açores Islands) and which value is higher than 60€ (after deduction of all eventual discounts) and except for the ones paid by “Charge on Delivery”, TugaSox® will offer the freight value.

                To all orders made with delivery in Azores and Madeira by CTT, and which value is higher than 60€ (after deduction of all eventual discounts) and except for the ones paid by “Charge on Delivery”, TugaSox® will offer the freight value.

                Orders made with Charge on Delivery Option will always pay an additional fee referred in 5.3.

                6.2. Delivery options

                To the great majority of countries, it is defined a Standard service, (slower and less expensive) and an Express Service, (faster delivery but more expensive). In any case, the delivery service is made by third-party companies that were selected to assure quality and rigorous service. When the User is about to register the order, it will be shown the options available to that specific order, as well as the price to be paid (that will be added to total amount) and the estimated delivery time.

                6.3. Delivery Time

                When choosing the delivery method an estimated time of delivery is shown. This information is given by the service supplier and, in any case, TugaSox® will not be responsible for any delay or anticipation on the delivery.

                6.4. Order delivery

                All orders, except when the User asks to change the delivery address when registering the order, will be delivered in the address the User indicated during the registration process. Any permanent change to this address must be done by the User by accessing his data and correcting the desired fields. As already stated, TugaSox® will not be responsible for any damage or loss caused by incorrect data in the User registry file.

                TugaSox® always recommend the selection of an address where there is somebody to receive the order during regular labor hours

                If delivery was not made at the first attempt, the service provider will leave a note or make a contact with the User to give instructions to the User for collection. In any case, User must develop all efforts to assure the order delivery.


                7. Personal data

                  Personal Data Protection Policy, full document here

                  7.1. Registered personal data

                  All personal data introduced during the registration process are the strictly needed to:  assure that the User will be recognized in the future, that we can offer him a personalized service, that all orders will be correctly processed and that we will be able to contact the User in case of need.

                  Your personal data is extremely important and TugaSox® recognizes the responsibility to protect it. To assure this level of security we’ve developed the adequate procedures to achieve your data protection.

                  7.2. Use and personal data security

                  When registering in the site the User expressly allows TugaSox® to use your personal data as well as data from his orders and payments. This data will be stored and computerized and can be used for communication purposes that will reinforce the personalized offer of products and services, promotional campaigns and to allow order processing.

                  TugaSox® assures that will not sell, rent or give your personal data to other parties, either assures that all information will be treated as confidential and used only by TugaSox®, except in situations resulting in legal procedures.

                  This way, all data will be used to:

                  - The process, complete data and deliver your order as well as to notify you about its status.

                  - Assure that our Customer Service can contact you to answer your questions, to clarify any abnormal situation or to communicate news about TugaSox® products and offers.

                  - All access to your data is restricted to the persons involved in the process and only to fulfill your order needs from the moment the order is registered until it’s delivery, including after sales support and future communication.

                  Even considering that all cautions had been made to protect all data, TugaSox® will not be responsible for any action that will not occur from your own negligence.

                  If any inadequate site use is detected by any user and independently of any legal proceedings that may be developed, TugaSox® reserves for itself the right to cancel the user registry, cancel any pendent orders and suspend any product exchange or reimburse.

                  7.3. Updating personal data

                  The user is the only responsible for keeping all personal and relevant information updated and for validating all personal data asked. When needed, User should log in into the site and rectify all data that needs to be updated.

                  To update personal data, the User must log in to the site and then click over his name. After correcting all the information, it should click on update and save.


                  8. Order return, cancellation and product exchange

                    8.1. Canceling and returning orders or products

                    As referred in 5.6 the User can cancel any order within the 24 hours following order registry by sending an email to geral@tugasox.pt clearly stating his intention. After receiving an order, User has a 15-day period during which it’s possible to break the buy and sell contract established when buying in the site (total or partial return of products). To do so, User shall notify TugaSox® using the email address referred before with no need to indicate any reason.

                    8.2. Return Procedure

                    The user should return the products to TugaSox®, considering the following address:

                    TugaSox Sportswear Lda,

                    Rua da Igreja Nº 9

                    2565-603 Outeiro da Cabeça - Torres Vedras - Portugal. 

                    - Products shall be returned as new and in a state that allows it to be wear and sell;

                    - Products shall be returned with all tags and labels on it, including the ones with the code bar and price;

                    - Products shall not have been used. Any sign of use will result in cancelation of the return process;

                    - Products shall be returned within fifteen days of order receipt, with the corresponding proof of purchase;

                    - The cost of returns, except in cases duly recognized by TugaSox® will always be supported by the User. This means, the value of freight and fees paid by the User on receipt of the order and the value needed to return the products.

                    - Indicate to TugaSox® which of the procedures indicated in 8.3 the User will prefer to settle their return.

                    8.3. Return result (exchange, voucher emission or reimburse)

                    Having the User returned all or part of an order, following the procedures set out in 8.2, one of the following ways can be chosen to terminate the contract of sale and end the return process. This process is subject to the issuing of a Credit Document which contains the User must acknowledge answering to the email that TugaSox® will send.

                    8.3.1. Return to exchange for another product

                    If, when making a return, the user wants to exchange the items returned by other articles, he should indicate his intention, using TugaSox® e-mail and informing the order number.

                    In this case, in addition to supporting the initial freight of the order and return freight, the user still needs to bear the shipping costs of the new articles. If the value of returned goods is different from the value of the items the User wants in exchange, there’s the need to make a correction accordingly to the differences as follows: if the returned goods are worthless to those requested in exchange the User will pay for the difference, if this value is higher than the items requested in exchange the user may choose to receive the difference with a voucher as specified in 8.3.2 or to be refunded as indicated in 8.3.3.

                    8.3.2. Return to voucher issuing

                    When returning products, the user may choose to be issued a voucher with the value of returned items that can be used within 3 months after being issued in new purchases on the site.

                    8.3.3 Return for reimbursement

                    The user may also request the refund of the amount paid for the returned goods. In this case, TugaSox ® is committed to refunding the amount, subject to appropriate adjustments if applicable, in accordance with Section 8.4, being used, whenever possible the same method by which the payment was made and within 15 days after receiving the items according to section 8.2.

                    In the case of payments made by Multibank or by request of the User, TugaSox® can make the refund by wire transfer. In any such case, the User must add a document with the IBAN confirmation to the order return.

                    TugaSox® will not be responsible for any mistake or wrong information made by the User as far as the IBAN confirmation is concerned, declining any compensation requested;

                    8.4. Reimbursement adjustments

                    Whenever the return of one or more items that have been purchased with a discount based on the total purchase value, implies that the minimum purchase value allocation for this discount is no longer fulfilled. In this case, the amount to be reimbursed shall be adjusted proportionately depending on the value that was paid.


                    9. Site information and Copyrights

                      All content on this site is a property of TugaSox® and may not, under any circumstances be reproduced, transferred, distributed or stored without prior written authorization.

                      Pictures shown for each product may not accurately represent their reality with respect to colors, shapes or details.

                      Likewise, the table sizes presented refers to the most common situations and do not consider the personal choices and options of everyone.

                      We also warn that the same color can have different tones when it comes to different materials. These possible differences are natural and derive from the very composition of knits and woven, its structure and brightness or lack of it


                      10. Arbitration

                        According to Portuguese Law no. 144/2015, in case of dispute, consumers may use the Alternative Dispute Resolution center available in our area:

                        -  Consumer Conflict Arbitration Centre in Lisbon, çocated at Rua dos Douradores, 108, 2nd, 1100-207 Lisbon. 

                        Contacts: T: 218807030 – F: 218807038, E.  juridico@centroarbitragemlisboa.pt,
                        W: www.centroarbitragemlisboa.pt


                        11. Final notes

                          Any request for clarification, suggestion or complaint should be addressed to TugaSox®, through the phone number 00351 926 371 120, by email to geral@tugasox.pt, or by letter to:

                          TugaSox Sportswear Lda.

                          Rua da Igreja Nº 9

                          2565-603 Outeiro da Cabeça - Torres Vedras - Portugal